Your driving license in Antibes

with Gazan Driving School

Fabienne & Stéphane are happy to welcome you to the GAZAN DRIVING SCHOOL website and wish you a warm welcome and excellent navigation. The GAZAN DRIVING SCHOOL is one of the oldest in the city of Antibes, created in 1970.

French law requires foreigners (except Europeans ) to have a French driver’s license to drive in France if they are a resident for more than one year. Without this, they cannot be legally insured. You may not need to get the French license, for example if you are here as a tourist or if you can exchange your home country license. (Under conditions)

The GAZAN DRIVING SCHOOL also handle all administrative details at the Prefecture on your behalf, relieving you of time-consuming bureaucracy. To prepare your theory exam, you will received online French driving test training in English and a book summarizing the French driving code written in English from Fehrenbach Driving School, our partner.

We know that most foreigners have long driving license and know how to drive but they must learn the rules of the French highway code although the exam for the French driving license is not very complicated.

A minimum of six hours of driving practice will be scheduled to prepare you for the driving test. The six hours of practical driving are compulsory to familiarize you with the inspector’s requirements.

This training is eligible for funding via Mon Compte Formation ( CPF), (Under conditions)

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

We hope you will enjoy your formation and we thank you to visit our website.

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